Chapter 7- Violence in Video Games

The increase in violence in the media has piqued the concern in many Americans, especially when it comes to video games. Growing up I played video games with my siblings, most of which contained some form of violence. None of us became violent people as a result of these games, because my parents took proper precautions to ensure we knew the consequences of our actions if we mimic the behavior in real life. In addition to this, my parents also monitored what we were doing on these games and our behavior afterword. If they believed they were inappropriate for us they would confiscate them until they thought were mentally prepared.

I believe that it is the responsibility of the parents to determine whether or not their child has the mental capacity for violent video games, like my parents did. If a child is incapable of understanding the consequences of violence in real life, they should not be given permission to play violent games. Video game companies are required to place age limits for purchasing violent games and stores are required abide by the rules and will not sell games to children if they are under the age limit. The only option for obtaining these games for the child is if their parent or another adult buys it for them, ultimately making it the parents responsibility.

Overall, I believe that the regulations put in place ensure that the correct age group has access to these types of video games are very beneficial. When video games are used responsibly violence is not an issue.   


One thought on “Chapter 7- Violence in Video Games

  1. Hey Maddy!
    I think that your thoughts on violent video games are actually really good ones. I never really thought about how much the parents can help in making sure their children are only exposed to what they believe is appropriate. Watching over children while they play video games can be a tough task, as they’re probably playing to get out of your hair! But I think it is a really good idea for the parents to know what their children are playing, so that they can have some sort of control over what they are being exposed to. The age on video games is also very important. There is a reason that the game companies put that age on there, and I personally believe it should be abided by, by every family purchasing the games. I don’t believe that video games are making children violent, but I do believe that still monitoring what they are seeing is a great idea.


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